Monday, April 19, 2010

My Personal Workspace

as inspired by: Eric Canateh
most people ask artists about their studio or workspace so i'd like to show off the place that i work, cause i am only pretending to be an artist =)

aaaaaand there you have it, my cubicle and office space, maybe i'll update this with descriptions one day, for now, enjoy~!!

Watercolor Class 2: The Pear

Last Tues in class i learned how to effectively mix paint and different ways to make/mix black and grey! Our still life was a Pear, on a mirror with a black background:

and i'm enjoying my learning in this class. Brian Stelfreeze, here i come???

and i'm currently working in my watercolor sketchbook and did an Angie sketch from this weeks Entertainment weekly:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Artist Trading Cards - She-Ra

I did a She-Ra, actually a couple of them for my March swap partner

I trade whenever I have free time at Illustrated ATCs
let me know if you want to trade one sometime =)

Watercolor class

I suck at color and i'd be the first to admit it =)
But i love the look of watercolors and i've tried the watercolor pencils with ok success but i wanted to paint, after years and years of hating paint
(sidenote: I used to hate pen until i took a drawing in pen class by David B. Sullivan)
so many of my christmas gifts consisted of paints, paper and how to books
but i needed to set aside tome to be consistant - I've decided to take a watercolor class taught by the awesome Andrew Kish ~!!
here's some stuff from my first class =)

learning about washes, wet on wet, wet on dry, brushes, colors, mixing and tools of the trade
excited for this weeks class~!!

I'm no Brian Stelfreeze but that's my goal~!!