Friday, August 12, 2011

finished pencils beer advert?

Well finished pencils for the most part, going to color this and maybe add a slogan or some sort of design to maybe differentiate her a bit

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog not dead update~!!

My aunt passed away today~!  She was a big inspiration to most people she met and mentioned to me last year how she was keeping up with me by checking out my art.  I dont want to disappoint her by not posting and not pursuing my dream and what makes me happy~!!  So here's some art:

A preliminary Captain America piece (how ridiculous this sounds to me like it'll be hanging in some gallery, but at the moment i cannot think of a proper term) done completely with photoshop using just the shapes and tools available in the program.  I basically spent last friday night and sat morning cranking this out and i'm satisfied with the results.  I want to go back and add more detail but I'm proud that i strapped in and this was the end result. =)

Getting back to my roots, I drew a pretty girl.  Decided that I was fed up with how my day went so I went back to the nearest bookstore = Barnes & Noble(s) (RIP Borders) and grabbed a tattoo mag, Inkgirls i think.  This was on the last page and she happened to be drinking my favorite beer.  Currently darkening the lines and thi'll be in my portfolio soon.  I'd like to make a print out of it for the upcoming artwalk tho.

The idea I had came from a phrase that bangs around in my brain now and then: 'Draft Beer, Not Me!'  I cant remember how or why or when i hear this phrase but i think it's a fun play on words and a nice anti-war sentiment.  Ofcourse it didnt fit much on this drawing since she's taking a swig from a bottle. 

Bottle Beer Not Me, may just have to be the title?!?!?