Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drink N Draw Sketched 10-11-11

Battle Against Cancer

This is a little poster I made for my upcoming walk against Breast Cancer.

I tried for some kind of throwback boxing poster and originally there was going to be a picture of cancer on the opposing side but being under a time crunch I ditched the idea. 

It didnt need to be done in 2 days but i was trying to make something happen, didnt happen, so I find that when i do art for not the best purposes, I do not acheive the best results.

Friday, August 12, 2011

finished pencils beer advert?

Well finished pencils for the most part, going to color this and maybe add a slogan or some sort of design to maybe differentiate her a bit

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blog not dead update~!!

My aunt passed away today~!  She was a big inspiration to most people she met and mentioned to me last year how she was keeping up with me by checking out my art.  I dont want to disappoint her by not posting and not pursuing my dream and what makes me happy~!!  So here's some art:

A preliminary Captain America piece (how ridiculous this sounds to me like it'll be hanging in some gallery, but at the moment i cannot think of a proper term) done completely with photoshop using just the shapes and tools available in the program.  I basically spent last friday night and sat morning cranking this out and i'm satisfied with the results.  I want to go back and add more detail but I'm proud that i strapped in and this was the end result. =)

Getting back to my roots, I drew a pretty girl.  Decided that I was fed up with how my day went so I went back to the nearest bookstore = Barnes & Noble(s) (RIP Borders) and grabbed a tattoo mag, Inkgirls i think.  This was on the last page and she happened to be drinking my favorite beer.  Currently darkening the lines and thi'll be in my portfolio soon.  I'd like to make a print out of it for the upcoming artwalk tho.

The idea I had came from a phrase that bangs around in my brain now and then: 'Draft Beer, Not Me!'  I cant remember how or why or when i hear this phrase but i think it's a fun play on words and a nice anti-war sentiment.  Ofcourse it didnt fit much on this drawing since she's taking a swig from a bottle. 

Bottle Beer Not Me, may just have to be the title?!?!?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Drink & Draw 5/11

I did the local May Drink & Draw this past week and it was probably the most social i've been and i think i've drawn my favorite sketch (headshot below)

I think i've mentioned that i'm not upset that these events have mostly famale models.  I'd like to have more time to do a partial study of details or shadows (which ive tried more this time) than the normal gestural sketching i've done.

Been busy and neglecting my art lately so it was good to settle back into having time dedicated to drawing.

I suppose the lesson is to set aside time for the things that make you happy.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

When will I draw something???

Ahhhh Burger King, I cant tell you how healthy I feel after eating here.  I had a chance last week to try the chicken 'tenders'. 

mmmmm look at that...though I'm not sure if it's a new menu item of if it's actual chicken meat?

But it sure is tender, it's like a chicken mash substance and if you've seen Super Size Me you know that whatever this 'chicken mash' it it's not completely chicken.  It's better not to ask what it is i suppose?  I cannot recommend this over the McDonald white breast meat mash nugget but it closely resembles the Wendy's nugget if you prefer that.

Sigh. One day I will get back to drawing things.

Friday, April 22, 2011

April 2011 drink & draw

a collection of some of my better images from the April Drink & Draw in Bethlehem (Steelgaarden)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finished Webcomic warmup

Finally finished this when i was up at 4:30 this morning, so it's fueled by coffee and the desire to get the most out of my shrinking weekend =)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

update 2/17 - mini-comic

So aside from working on a webcomic i've signed up to join"

which is basically the assignment of developing a mini-comic from idea to paper sending them to the other participants, just a big art swap or creativity.  I have until June 30 so i'll drag my feet a bit with it but it should be an interesting learning experience.  I've taken to learning (or at least reading) the progress of Mark Rudolph as he created his mini-comic.

This is my first foray into this format and am eager to get rolling but still in the planning stages.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Webcomic =)

Here's my first attempt at a webcomic, thanks to the gang at Art and Story as well as the inspiring people who organized and participated in Intervention 2010 as well as SPX (Small Press Expo) 2010, they were inspiring events that I happened to attend last year and am looking forward to ths year~!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drink & Draw - 2/8/11

I havent been to one of these in months and they moved to a better location so i'll most likely be attending for the next few months and plan on increasing my mingling and communication and networking instead of just sitting and drawing to my hearts content.

There were mostly younger female models, which i dont mind drawing but the challenge isn't there.  I still had a good time sketching and hopefully the practice will help me develop my hand control, drawing speed and accuracy as well as my critical eye.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Resurrection Update

I havent been here in a while.  Mostly because of life getting in the way, but i took some quick pictures of sketches that i've been doing lately:

this isnt a sketch but certainly how i spent this past weekend other than watching the UFC fight, Superbowl and playing COD:BO

a rose i made in my coffee =)

some initial sketches for me, matt & greg for an idea that I may never decide to work on and practicing drawing matt's dogs, an integral part of the same project that i may never produce

head studies for a character named ashish & scott based on my friends named ashish & scott

my first attempt at a webcomic, starring me, scott and ashish, this will hopefully vault me toward producing the previously semi-enthuastically mentioned project

studies for an upcoming personal project involving my cat

Saturday, January 15, 2011

wow and one month later - Workout Sketchbook

I'm guessing weekly updates would be better than monthly?!

Well I hope anyone reading this is having a good New Year and had a nice holiday.  One of my art gifts was another 3.5 x 5" sketchbook and I decided to put it to use today, well yesterday as I am up sick writing this, I should be asleep) with an idea that I had thought of months ago:

An illustrated workout sketchbook for when my workouts, which have been very few and far between, become stale and stagnant.  I often come across different exercises in magazines when at the bookstore and i need to move away from art inspiration, turning to men's health.  Which has a lot of good suggested health ideas that i never incorporate into my daily living.

So as I come across some workout that I would not have thought of or remembered later that day, I'll sketch it in my book.

I'm hoping that this study will also serve the purpose to help me realize and visualize the figure artistically.

I lean towards drawing the female character so drawing some dudes could help me round out my skills as an illustrator.  I hope to present more creative ideas to you in the future, thanks for reading~!!