Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art update 6/26

A big Thank you~!! to anyone who took the time to talk with me at the Art Walk in downtown Bethlehem yesterday~! It was nice hearing all the kind words and supportive words. I will continue to pursue art as a creative and relaxative outlet =)
Here's an ink sketch:
Lance Armstrong was what i was going for, i think it comes across a little, in his machinedness

also here's the world cup piece i'm working on, the flags in the outline in watercolor pencils, slow process only because i keep pushing it aside, like watch the Blind Side
updates soon =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

ever since i went to a wedding earlier this month, i've been tooling around with this sketch, not sure where i want to go with it, the zombie aspect came out of the picture as i was drawing her face and i just let it happen, reference used - the cover of 'the knot' magazine

i should vampire the guy up a little or something?

for now it's my blog banner until i take time out to do a more professional one =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

quick sketch

went to the bookstore, after a stressful dinner it's nice to relax and sketch, I wanted to get back into using inks and get something quick N new to slap into my portfolio for this weekend's ArtWalk~!!

Watercolor Class (take II) 2 & 3

ok, long time no update, in my passed 2 watercolor classes i painted still lifes, still lives?

it's looks like i'm actually getting the hang of this? maybe a little? atleast i've worked on my wet-in-wet technique =) really pleasing ~!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Drink -N- Draw 6-10-10

Well, I attended the Drink and Draw at Hard Bean Cafe in Bethlehem yesterday and I drew this:

I was going to break out the prismacolors but that didnt work out too well, I think I need silence and concentration when using markers, i'm not that good yet, and these drink and draws devolve into a club atmosphere that i'm not used to. Between the people blocking my view and the streaming loud dJ music (which otherwise would be pretty sweet if i wasnt trying to draw) it's gotten to be more annoying than fun.

I'll keep attending but I can basically get the same thing from drawing pepole reading at the bookstore except they dont stay still and are always sitting. I'm beginning to recognize and know people and some greet me so maybe i'll have som new friends but for now it's about the figure drawing, practice, we talkin' bout practice~!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Return of Watercolor Class - How bout dem apples

It's back, Watercolor Class and i'm back, we did apples again and I see an improvement:


atleast this time i did 2 apples =) looks like i took a hit in the drapery dept though?

eh i'm excited to be back in class =)

next week u might see the return of the pear???