Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I've never made a Christmas card (holiday card) so this year I wanted to rectify that.  Ive designed cards for my mother in the past like we all do as children.  Taking construction paper and drawing and cutting out images, I'm sure our mothers kept and charish those little creations of love.

So I love anyone reading this and i've made you a holiday card.  I think it was a couple weeks ago at Panera bread (a poor excuse for what Borders was for me) and I was thinking what I wanted to see on a Christmas card:

I still need to print and fold and write in a few of these but for my virtual family, Happy Holidays~!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Film Festival the Holiday Season

I just finished watching Primal Fear

and Edward Norton was fantastic~!

My father went on a rant last month about movies he likes after I had mentioned to him that I hadn't seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Seeing that it's on everyone's list of favourite films.  This lead him into passing me a stack of films that I hadn't seen after he went over practically everything he owned.

So i'm taking some time out this month, maybe as i sketch or lounge around to run through this stack.  I'm proud to announce that I finally made it through the VHS's and now all that remains are the more manageable DVD's - I really didnt remember the unpleasant noise that a VHS player could make when you used one.  

I wanted to slap a list together ranking them in order of enjoy-ability, so here it is.

 1.) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - fantastic film, lovable cast
 2.) Primal Fear - what a twist, kinda predictable but that boy can act
 3.) The Game - another twisty movie, best story of this list
 4.) Hoodlum - young Morpheus, slightly unbelieveable but probably the most fun of this list
 5.) Narrow Margin - a dated film that holds up, but barely

I typically look up these films on Wikipedia after i watch them just to see what kind of awards they may have won (5 Academy Awards in the case of One Flew) or just to see what else some of my fav. actors have been in, like this guy:


didn't know he was in Primal Fear, nice surprise, but he always looks so tall in films, i expected him to be taller than 6'1"

This basically devolved into an advert for wikipedia so i'll put my Steven Bauer man love to bed and show you that this is what i have to look forward to:

and i did a little Narrow Margin fan art

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Toned Paper Sketchbook

So I treated myself to a sketchbook

toned paper, i've never had one and from what i've seen artists do with white colored pencil/charcoal i wanted one.

it's probably my lack of formal art training 

every art student is probably sick of toned paper but i'm still an art infant

plus since it's hard cover and i had a 40% off coupon, i had to get it

and my first sketch (J. Stroup) is coming along well, i dont know whether to keep working it or turn the page and hit a new subject?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Pervert Show

The Alternative Gallery is doing a show this month, tonight in fact.

Pervert 2 - a sequel to their first pervert show.

I made a flip-book for the show, it didnt turn out quite right as i was rushing around to cut and glue the damn thing together but it was my first attempt at a flip book since i was 5.

However the animated gif that I made from the images (photoshop & image ready) turned out quite well.  It took up all my saturday finishing it and I still had to cut out some things for time but please enjoy...

fact time: I might add that after watching this scene over and over again I realized one thing...

1.) this song 's lyrics were practically taken from the basic instinct interrogation scene - you probably aren't familiar with that song, i heard it on a friends myspace page years ago and the lyrics were out there enough that i kazaa'ed it.

I hate that song today.  I think i may have liked it for a month but much like myspace and kazaa, that song should be buried.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New York Comicon #NYCC 2013

I took a little trip last friday to my fav city NYC for NYCC2013

here's my Comic Con image dump - with comments, since my upload didnt put them in any order.

Met Clay & Seth Mann, briefly. Seth looks like Val Kimer.  They look too cool for the convention.  Clay seemed to be off looking to meet Tom Selleck before i could pick his brain.

My swag: A Suckerpunch print by Clay Mann, love his work and love the action of this flick, i dont care how unbearable you thought it was.

My swag: Teela print by Gerald Parel, his art is siiiik, and got to chat process with him, good guy~!

My swag: an Adi Granov print, dude is incomparable, he basically designed the iron man look as you know it.

My swag: another Adi

My swag: I bought a 3rd Adi?

My swag: and a 2nd Parel =)

Casey Baugh, artist extrodinare.  I got to chat him up a bit and see his process first hand.  Amazing!

Ha, towards the end of the day i met Eli.  Well the cutout is basically as accurate as the real thing as my 4 fantasy teams can attest to - who drafts Eli in 4 leagues???

My swag: another Clay Mann, basically the reason i started to like his art is this image!

My swag: on man that's a sweet shirt

My swag: almost sweeter! 

this is where u see daylight after riding the Secaucus Junction station

the way in



some megaman things, i took some random images of things so that my look back on this daytrip wasnt so art (pencil, ink, paint & paper) centric

somf Daft Punk light up thing

J. Scott Campbell

Sterenko & Sin-kiev-ich, Sternko is about as tall as Seth Green but dresses like a pimp

Neal Adams work, he was sketching nearby but i must have forgotten to take a picture, eh his picture is on the internet go look at it, he was actually picking his nose pretty hard core, i remember now, that would have been a sweet pic that u can't find online

some Sin-kiev-ich work

more Neal Adams


ah there he is


Neal again

a car with guns

Ken Lashley commission art, i didnt know who he was, i do now~!

they still make transformers?

an expensive Grimlock

an alien-killer

Nigri-please, i saw a guy carrying a Nigri print signed and he pointed her out to me, long lines ahead indeed, ain't nobody got time fa' dat

a giant Cintiq with some dude showing off his sweet art

giant art

a robot, not yet programmed to obey Asimov's laws

some statues

Lloyd Kaufman, awesome



at some point i passed seth green, but i couldnt take a picture because it was for some good cause charity thing, but this is seth green, he's short and can be funny

u think that's a lot of people?

line to the restroom? or to get beer? either way it's not a fun time
i noticed how as the day progressed the number of people just multiplied even on friday

ouh cosplay

no, cosplay


i would have stolen that
Opena can draw~!!!

ahh more Gerald, he has a ton of these MotU prints, check his deviant art

ahhh Sarah Pichelli

#barf cosplay


annd Casey again

his lovely model ra_hel

a car that flies


ending with zombie mario

in hindsight, i would have taken more pictures but my phone was bleeding battery life as the day went on and the charging stations were insanely slow and growing more crowded by the hour.

I saw a lot of art things and really got inspired, that's my summation - A nice trip if you like geek culture and dont mind crowds.