Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Pervert Show

The Alternative Gallery is doing a show this month, tonight in fact.

Pervert 2 - a sequel to their first pervert show.

I made a flip-book for the show, it didnt turn out quite right as i was rushing around to cut and glue the damn thing together but it was my first attempt at a flip book since i was 5.

However the animated gif that I made from the images (photoshop & image ready) turned out quite well.  It took up all my saturday finishing it and I still had to cut out some things for time but please enjoy...

fact time: I might add that after watching this scene over and over again I realized one thing...

1.) this song 's lyrics were practically taken from the basic instinct interrogation scene - you probably aren't familiar with that song, i heard it on a friends myspace page years ago and the lyrics were out there enough that i kazaa'ed it.

I hate that song today.  I think i may have liked it for a month but much like myspace and kazaa, that song should be buried.

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