Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Art Update

There was an art show last night in allentown

at 4th and tilghman, I believe they (AG's pervert shows) are every other month now and i plan on participating as long as the weather is kinder to me.

I took to starbucks after work on wed due to the lack of interesting places to sketch or its probably that im just too lazy to look for a better venue.  But the hippy redhead girl that works there recognized me as a local artist since i had left a sketch in the starbucks tip jar one day so i felt compelled to sketch something and post it to their cafe bulletin board.

it's a Christolph Waltz that i rushed through simply because i knew that i wanted to leave something there at the cafe because i had been called out as an artist but i think with more time i could have been happier with it.  

but i moved onto working with something new this weekend since i couldnt get out to the art show

not so much a step by step but the steps i took

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Andrew Loomis - art instruction

to get one of my amazon xmas orders eligible for free shipping I bought the above book on supe-artist Joe Dillon's recommendation.

Loomis talks about form and line and their function on making an interesting image but quickly he mentions going into creating interesting compositions and i come to an art assignment?!

Mostly i want to share these paragraphs as an exercise in creating or finding interesting compositions.  Something i certainly need help with.  As i go through this book i'll share any exercises or findings or revelations that i may come across.

step 1: make a picture finder

step 2: find interesting compositions or just shoot your camera in random directions like i do

step 3: draw what you see (i think i went a bit far with the shading where the exercise might be to see how the forms interact to form an interesting composition.)

Loomis shows how the line itself, shapes and letters can be seen in some of the compositions you may encounter.

Creative Illustration is just another interesting book that I haven't yet finished, like...

and (recommended by another talented artist, Zafer Louisa)...

as well as...

Saturday, January 4, 2014


started with a quick animation because i am trying to draw something everyday in 2014

though i've spoken with an artist friend and he decided to instead of doing a sketch a day, try to work on a finished piece every 2 weeks in order to improve his portfolio.

i think it's an excellent idea and i'll probably abandon the sketch-a-day thing for now atleast not be so darn focused on doing something just to have each day's sketch completed.

currently my portfolios are either empty of filled with sketched and unfinished sketches, i could use some pretty work to show off.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Uncle Phil Tribute

wanted to do an uncle phil (James Avery) tribute

no secret to how this one was done

i was hearing on facebook about how many people around my age that didnt know he was the voice of the Shredder, it may not be obvious unless youve looked that up before or watched the cartoon after you had seen fresh prince episodes

once you hear his voice once without seeing his face then you come across all kinds of uncle phil voice over work, I remember watching one of the Fist of the North Star films not paying full attention to it but I heard one of the villains that sounded exactly like Shredder but with a bit of gruff-ness (is gruff just a portmanteau of gravel & rough?) to his voice which is probably because it was before he had refined it to the Shredder tone that we grew to enjoy, anyway that's when i started to dig into his work a bit more.

but it was also nice whenever he'd pop up in a show or movie unexpectedly

loved that~!
dude was 6'5

rest in peace James