Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Art Update

There was an art show last night in allentown

at 4th and tilghman, I believe they (AG's pervert shows) are every other month now and i plan on participating as long as the weather is kinder to me.

I took to starbucks after work on wed due to the lack of interesting places to sketch or its probably that im just too lazy to look for a better venue.  But the hippy redhead girl that works there recognized me as a local artist since i had left a sketch in the starbucks tip jar one day so i felt compelled to sketch something and post it to their cafe bulletin board.

it's a Christolph Waltz that i rushed through simply because i knew that i wanted to leave something there at the cafe because i had been called out as an artist but i think with more time i could have been happier with it.  

but i moved onto working with something new this weekend since i couldnt get out to the art show

not so much a step by step but the steps i took

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