Friday, January 3, 2014

Uncle Phil Tribute

wanted to do an uncle phil (James Avery) tribute

no secret to how this one was done

i was hearing on facebook about how many people around my age that didnt know he was the voice of the Shredder, it may not be obvious unless youve looked that up before or watched the cartoon after you had seen fresh prince episodes

once you hear his voice once without seeing his face then you come across all kinds of uncle phil voice over work, I remember watching one of the Fist of the North Star films not paying full attention to it but I heard one of the villains that sounded exactly like Shredder but with a bit of gruff-ness (is gruff just a portmanteau of gravel & rough?) to his voice which is probably because it was before he had refined it to the Shredder tone that we grew to enjoy, anyway that's when i started to dig into his work a bit more.

but it was also nice whenever he'd pop up in a show or movie unexpectedly

loved that~!
dude was 6'5

rest in peace James

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