Sunday, November 24, 2013

Toned Paper Sketchbook

So I treated myself to a sketchbook

toned paper, i've never had one and from what i've seen artists do with white colored pencil/charcoal i wanted one.

it's probably my lack of formal art training 

every art student is probably sick of toned paper but i'm still an art infant

plus since it's hard cover and i had a 40% off coupon, i had to get it

and my first sketch (J. Stroup) is coming along well, i dont know whether to keep working it or turn the page and hit a new subject?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Pervert Show

The Alternative Gallery is doing a show this month, tonight in fact.

Pervert 2 - a sequel to their first pervert show.

I made a flip-book for the show, it didnt turn out quite right as i was rushing around to cut and glue the damn thing together but it was my first attempt at a flip book since i was 5.

However the animated gif that I made from the images (photoshop & image ready) turned out quite well.  It took up all my saturday finishing it and I still had to cut out some things for time but please enjoy...

fact time: I might add that after watching this scene over and over again I realized one thing...

1.) this song 's lyrics were practically taken from the basic instinct interrogation scene - you probably aren't familiar with that song, i heard it on a friends myspace page years ago and the lyrics were out there enough that i kazaa'ed it.

I hate that song today.  I think i may have liked it for a month but much like myspace and kazaa, that song should be buried.