Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UP Fair update II

ok so with some advice from the penciljack forum, i've added some things to the deadspaces here and some shadows and made it a little more interesting if not confusing

i'm always afraid of going too dark and with the Voltron (what?! a Voltron head?? yeah it came to me tonight at borders and i cannot quite remember what made me add it in, i think i saw an image of voltron in a GiG Poster book that i have been using for inspiration lately) in the other room it think it takes away from the rest of everything

there's still a watercolor wash to go over it all maybe that will even it all out a little? hopefully and maybe some better contrast tomorrow

this is very theraputic, drawing and helping me to deal with my problems that i dont want to attend to at the moment, but i've been up a few nights now at 2 am, like a real career artist, but i have to remember that this isnt my day job and i have to get some sleep

I have to commend real artists who make this their living, it's a lot of work but i recognize that i have gotten better at some things and while i look at this and it has very 'young artist' moments i am proud of some of the things here that i had never taken a stab at =)

so i'll keep drawing and i'll get better, still mad that i didnt take a bigger commitment in my youth to getting better, but i'm still dealing with my desire to committ and to allow myself to succeed and deal with failures

ahh life lessons, hopefully my art confidence grows and bleeds over into other aspects of living my life

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NY Comicon 2010

If you were at comicon maybe you saw the 'not so incredible, early 20's x-men'...

(less angel, more psylocke)

or maybe you saw the crowds...

or Thor warp time-space around him...

or some mom letting her underage kid steal the Green Hornet's car...

or the 2 ft tall iron man suit...

or some of my favourite artists and Larry Hama...

aaaaannd this...

UP Fair update

For the last couple days i've been working on this drawing? sketch? for the UP! FAIR, i suppose it's more than a sketch but at this point i just dont feel right calling it an illustration.  It's my interpretation of the self-made man or machine.  I guess the premise was a robot Tony Stark that used humans as his crime-fighting suit.  So I added a few things relevant to robot Stark and the UpFair while trying to get this done in time to mail it and I can tell you that this drawing thing isnt easy.

I want to throw in some more details and clean up the lettering and I wish that i had spent more of my youth leaning towards drawing as a career and was a little more diligent back then.  I'm looking for a few more details to add here then some watercolor washes hopefully it'll turn out to be a little less bland and blah~!! 

Perspective is a killer and it sucks to try and learn it all so fast.  But I'm counting on this being some good practice for future Up Fair donations.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

speed sketches

from the penciljack forum, it's a speed sketching exercise, drawing in under 15 min, i used strictly pens because i do these during work downtime

I really like the detail of the barn. I think that it helps to draw these at a smaller size so that you have more time to get the details in

Friday, October 22, 2010

The UpFair~!!

Well I'm trying to keep myself busy and running behind on a little art piece that i will be working on for the UP! Fair in Lexington Ky, Nov. 19-20

I asked for an idea because I was pretty lost eventhough I had some idea about the purpose and goal of the UP!Fair. So where did I turn? Where are all great ideas born...Twitter~!! What shot back at me through the Twitterverse: 'The self-made man or woman' (thank you Jerzy)

My mind immediately went to Tony Stark hard at work, welding mask on as he created the suit that would eventually be his means to living and helping the world.

I always have to put a twist on things and of course I love machines, so what if basically the IronMan suit was creating Tony, more generically a machine creating man but using a man's tools so to speak?!

I'd love to do a bodyshop setting backdrop and am not sure how it will turn out but atleast have something to (quickly) move forward with.

Maybe the words UP!Fair ar on the operating slab and there are robot tonys in the background on display, i dont know it's very early in the process and I am running very late, wish me luck~!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update 10-14-10

some quick ink sketches, 30 min, ballpoint pen

inspired by the weekly sketch group #181

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Update 10-02-10

Newish art, well maybe new scans of slightly old art:

First was the sketch, i guess it's a sketch that i've been working on for a little while, i finally managed to finish it, spreyed it with workable fixative. A can i've had since college, does anyone else use this stuff. Normally if i'm spraying it then i dont need to work it again so i need to get a permanent fixative or something. Anywayhere it is, some high contrast piece modeled off of an image from knitting magazine. I'm pleased with it but if anyone knows a way to do a heave black space and make it look smooth then i'm all ears. I managed to lay down a layer of charcoal then go over that with 6B pencil. I suppose i could have taken my time and used all 6B but maybe it was in a bit of a rush to finish.

Then a set of the 3 finished ATCs that i did for a Mythology swap at Pandora in ink and Prismacolor markers, Sekhmet in pencil and a watercolor wash and Enchantress & Hela in pencils. Hopefully they have some happy new homes. I'm currently working on manga cards for another swap and eagerly looking forward to finishing and mailing them off. With any luck i'll send it on time and you will see it sooner than later.