Tuesday, October 26, 2010

UP Fair update

For the last couple days i've been working on this drawing? sketch? for the UP! FAIR, i suppose it's more than a sketch but at this point i just dont feel right calling it an illustration.  It's my interpretation of the self-made man or machine.  I guess the premise was a robot Tony Stark that used humans as his crime-fighting suit.  So I added a few things relevant to robot Stark and the UpFair while trying to get this done in time to mail it and I can tell you that this drawing thing isnt easy.

I want to throw in some more details and clean up the lettering and I wish that i had spent more of my youth leaning towards drawing as a career and was a little more diligent back then.  I'm looking for a few more details to add here then some watercolor washes hopefully it'll turn out to be a little less bland and blah~!! 

Perspective is a killer and it sucks to try and learn it all so fast.  But I'm counting on this being some good practice for future Up Fair donations.

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