Saturday, October 2, 2010

Update 10-02-10

Newish art, well maybe new scans of slightly old art:

First was the sketch, i guess it's a sketch that i've been working on for a little while, i finally managed to finish it, spreyed it with workable fixative. A can i've had since college, does anyone else use this stuff. Normally if i'm spraying it then i dont need to work it again so i need to get a permanent fixative or something. Anywayhere it is, some high contrast piece modeled off of an image from knitting magazine. I'm pleased with it but if anyone knows a way to do a heave black space and make it look smooth then i'm all ears. I managed to lay down a layer of charcoal then go over that with 6B pencil. I suppose i could have taken my time and used all 6B but maybe it was in a bit of a rush to finish.

Then a set of the 3 finished ATCs that i did for a Mythology swap at Pandora in ink and Prismacolor markers, Sekhmet in pencil and a watercolor wash and Enchantress & Hela in pencils. Hopefully they have some happy new homes. I'm currently working on manga cards for another swap and eagerly looking forward to finishing and mailing them off. With any luck i'll send it on time and you will see it sooner than later.

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