Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arguments & Sketches - 09/22/10

Some last week sketches from my 3.5x5 Sketchpad

The coworker that challenged me to create some of these sketches without reference, I drew her as an gator, she was getting on my case about my art using too much reference. I tried to explain to her that how can i draw something if i dont have any idea how it looks?!.

Where at first she didnt want me using reference such as poses and backgrounds then it evolved into not using any reference whatsoever. I kind of understand her logic because her big argument was being original. But how can i draw a bunny in a racing car (should have been a carrot car in hindsight) or a cat eating sushi pasta dinner if i've never seen a cat, pasta, a bunny or a carrot.

I guess it's easy to create a scene when you can imagine it's components, but if i were to try a hippo on a unicycle i'd be lost as far as accuracy without reference. So i'll practice more challenging things in order to improve~@!

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