Friday, October 22, 2010

The UpFair~!!

Well I'm trying to keep myself busy and running behind on a little art piece that i will be working on for the UP! Fair in Lexington Ky, Nov. 19-20

I asked for an idea because I was pretty lost eventhough I had some idea about the purpose and goal of the UP!Fair. So where did I turn? Where are all great ideas born...Twitter~!! What shot back at me through the Twitterverse: 'The self-made man or woman' (thank you Jerzy)

My mind immediately went to Tony Stark hard at work, welding mask on as he created the suit that would eventually be his means to living and helping the world.

I always have to put a twist on things and of course I love machines, so what if basically the IronMan suit was creating Tony, more generically a machine creating man but using a man's tools so to speak?!

I'd love to do a bodyshop setting backdrop and am not sure how it will turn out but atleast have something to (quickly) move forward with.

Maybe the words UP!Fair ar on the operating slab and there are robot tonys in the background on display, i dont know it's very early in the process and I am running very late, wish me luck~!!

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