Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UP Fair update II

ok so with some advice from the penciljack forum, i've added some things to the deadspaces here and some shadows and made it a little more interesting if not confusing

i'm always afraid of going too dark and with the Voltron (what?! a Voltron head?? yeah it came to me tonight at borders and i cannot quite remember what made me add it in, i think i saw an image of voltron in a GiG Poster book that i have been using for inspiration lately) in the other room it think it takes away from the rest of everything

there's still a watercolor wash to go over it all maybe that will even it all out a little? hopefully and maybe some better contrast tomorrow

this is very theraputic, drawing and helping me to deal with my problems that i dont want to attend to at the moment, but i've been up a few nights now at 2 am, like a real career artist, but i have to remember that this isnt my day job and i have to get some sleep

I have to commend real artists who make this their living, it's a lot of work but i recognize that i have gotten better at some things and while i look at this and it has very 'young artist' moments i am proud of some of the things here that i had never taken a stab at =)

so i'll keep drawing and i'll get better, still mad that i didnt take a bigger commitment in my youth to getting better, but i'm still dealing with my desire to committ and to allow myself to succeed and deal with failures

ahh life lessons, hopefully my art confidence grows and bleeds over into other aspects of living my life

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