Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent ATC's

A few recent ATC's i did for illustratedATCS.com

October swap for grrrdjules, she likes wine, the circus & elephants among other things so the goal here is to incorporate those elements into an intersting composition.  I would have likes to have a background and darken up the table and made the bubbles/balloons get bigger as they floated to the top but that's all things to recognize for improvements when i'm planning.  Watercolor & ink pen - the colors arent as intense on the card.

like so:


Manga swap sent to Japan.  I decided to sign up for a swap taking place in Japan, mostly because i am fascinated with japanese imagery.  So I did Chun Li & Honda (prismacolor markers), Ghost in the Shell (watercolor), Rockman & Rush (colored pencil) & Scott Pilgrim (ink).  I'm most proud of the colors with the streetfighter card, the rest are blah to me and i've really lost my sense of how to use colored pencils in my opinion. 

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