Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Watercolor Class take III

So i've signed up for my 3rd watercolor class this year and I have to thank James Browne, Andrew Kish, Jess M. & my sister for supporting my artistic journey in watercolor with their inspiration, encouragement and supply purchasing ability =)

I wasnt completely prepared for class so I did some fooling around: a thor study and what might possibly be my 30Characters character for day 23: Drinky the Bear

this, Drinky the Bear, was done on a YUPO (translucent synthetic watercolor paper?? 100% recyclable & tree-free) I have never painted on anything so strange: if it's wet it'll wipe away like a dry erase board otherwise it has all the properties of hotpress watercolor paper, except for the insanely smooth sheen it has, water moves fast!~

I noticed that a few spots didnt take to the pain at all, you can see them on the left, what looks like fingerprints left on the back side of the paper, not sure if it was grease or what that stained the spots and all i know is that it would not take any paint as you can see

this translucent variety (they make opaque as well) allows the painting on the back (purple & blue circles) to come through to the front

I'm excited to try more of this paper out, the drying is much like regular paper: if you let it sit you will have hard edges of color.

thor was fun but not nearly as exciting and intimidating as YUPO

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