Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Black Friday

so i found this book while at the bookstore, perfect gift for that child of the 80's, last weekend and would love to post some of the memories it brought back:

ok I had the King of Pop, he was Bada$$ back then

2 awesome scare your sister type toys

oh man I had all of the Barnyard Commandos, loved the cartoon, pigs vs sheep~!!

nuff said

oh C.O.P.S. just awesome, some of the guns they used were cap guns~!! dangerous, awesome cartoon

one year i had almost all of what i wanted, to this day i only have on left and that is a Boomer Esiason from 1994, once found Keith Byers on my parents roof though

C.O.P.S. again, they were that awesome

Silverhawks~!! they had spring action arms and legs

Visionaries, i dont remember cartoons much but they had holigrams in their chests and staffs, remembering animal powers

what's this??

Bionic, Bionic Six, just awesome marvel-style storytelling with robotic ppl

micromachines~!! loved the yellow vette~!!

Battlebeast, probably my fav toys? Just so many with the Rock-Paper Scissors aspect, i would love to get the poster with all the characters on it, gimmie a link pls~!!

Thundercats, natch

M.U.S.C.L.E. Men: little rubber wrestlers that got creepier in appearance as the toys were made

MEGATRON, so awesome a football player is named after him

VOLTRON?!?!!? ok this was my green ranger, my tickleme elmo, my cabbage patch
my really fav. TOY EVER~!!

yup, BADA$$ again, had it

oh the tru pimp of the 80's toys, i had that jacket, but no gadgets in it

unstoppable fun~!!

more unstoppable fun, these last 2 just influenced so much and are produced to this day, 20+ years

MEGATRON again~!!

wrestling was my 3rd parent, JIMMY SUPAFLY SNUKA

who doesn't love a badguy~!!

Honorable Mention: (in the book but i didnt picture)
Chuck Norris action figures
Astronaut Barbie & Jem (GiJoe's gfs)
Pee Wee's Playhouse (creept)

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