Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New York Comicon #NYCC 2013

I took a little trip last friday to my fav city NYC for NYCC2013

here's my Comic Con image dump - with comments, since my upload didnt put them in any order.

Met Clay & Seth Mann, briefly. Seth looks like Val Kimer.  They look too cool for the convention.  Clay seemed to be off looking to meet Tom Selleck before i could pick his brain.

My swag: A Suckerpunch print by Clay Mann, love his work and love the action of this flick, i dont care how unbearable you thought it was.

My swag: Teela print by Gerald Parel, his art is siiiik, and got to chat process with him, good guy~!

My swag: an Adi Granov print, dude is incomparable, he basically designed the iron man look as you know it.

My swag: another Adi

My swag: I bought a 3rd Adi?

My swag: and a 2nd Parel =)

Casey Baugh, artist extrodinare.  I got to chat him up a bit and see his process first hand.  Amazing!

Ha, towards the end of the day i met Eli.  Well the cutout is basically as accurate as the real thing as my 4 fantasy teams can attest to - who drafts Eli in 4 leagues???

My swag: another Clay Mann, basically the reason i started to like his art is this image!

My swag: on man that's a sweet shirt

My swag: almost sweeter! 

this is where u see daylight after riding the Secaucus Junction station

the way in



some megaman things, i took some random images of things so that my look back on this daytrip wasnt so art (pencil, ink, paint & paper) centric

somf Daft Punk light up thing

J. Scott Campbell

Sterenko & Sin-kiev-ich, Sternko is about as tall as Seth Green but dresses like a pimp

Neal Adams work, he was sketching nearby but i must have forgotten to take a picture, eh his picture is on the internet go look at it, he was actually picking his nose pretty hard core, i remember now, that would have been a sweet pic that u can't find online

some Sin-kiev-ich work

more Neal Adams


ah there he is


Neal again

a car with guns

Ken Lashley commission art, i didnt know who he was, i do now~!

they still make transformers?

an expensive Grimlock

an alien-killer

Nigri-please, i saw a guy carrying a Nigri print signed and he pointed her out to me, long lines ahead indeed, ain't nobody got time fa' dat

a giant Cintiq with some dude showing off his sweet art

giant art

a robot, not yet programmed to obey Asimov's laws

some statues

Lloyd Kaufman, awesome



at some point i passed seth green, but i couldnt take a picture because it was for some good cause charity thing, but this is seth green, he's short and can be funny

u think that's a lot of people?

line to the restroom? or to get beer? either way it's not a fun time
i noticed how as the day progressed the number of people just multiplied even on friday

ouh cosplay

no, cosplay


i would have stolen that
Opena can draw~!!!

ahh more Gerald, he has a ton of these MotU prints, check his deviant art

ahhh Sarah Pichelli

#barf cosplay


annd Casey again

his lovely model ra_hel

a car that flies


ending with zombie mario

in hindsight, i would have taken more pictures but my phone was bleeding battery life as the day went on and the charging stations were insanely slow and growing more crowded by the hour.

I saw a lot of art things and really got inspired, that's my summation - A nice trip if you like geek culture and dont mind crowds.

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