Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Art Update 10/16/13

I've gotten some compliments on my penwork so i'm sticking with it - a series of 3 food themed prints also incorporating old skool slogans that randomly ring through my head as i'm wandering around my life of work, drinking and getting fat =)

this one will probably be titled 'Chewing the Fat'

My only gripe is that i'm not shooting my own reference...yet.  This will have to change once I get a studio space, hopefully at the old Cigar Factory in Allentown (4th & Tilghman).

I just dropped off a few framed pieces for the show this thurs (10/17/13) and u can see the piece above.  I love how the frame looks on this and i reeeeally want to keep it and hope it doesn't sell.  But i'm hoping to house most of my art at the Alternative Gallery there, come check me out!

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