Monday, December 9, 2013

Film Festival the Holiday Season

I just finished watching Primal Fear

and Edward Norton was fantastic~!

My father went on a rant last month about movies he likes after I had mentioned to him that I hadn't seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Seeing that it's on everyone's list of favourite films.  This lead him into passing me a stack of films that I hadn't seen after he went over practically everything he owned.

So i'm taking some time out this month, maybe as i sketch or lounge around to run through this stack.  I'm proud to announce that I finally made it through the VHS's and now all that remains are the more manageable DVD's - I really didnt remember the unpleasant noise that a VHS player could make when you used one.  

I wanted to slap a list together ranking them in order of enjoy-ability, so here it is.

 1.) One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - fantastic film, lovable cast
 2.) Primal Fear - what a twist, kinda predictable but that boy can act
 3.) The Game - another twisty movie, best story of this list
 4.) Hoodlum - young Morpheus, slightly unbelieveable but probably the most fun of this list
 5.) Narrow Margin - a dated film that holds up, but barely

I typically look up these films on Wikipedia after i watch them just to see what kind of awards they may have won (5 Academy Awards in the case of One Flew) or just to see what else some of my fav. actors have been in, like this guy:


didn't know he was in Primal Fear, nice surprise, but he always looks so tall in films, i expected him to be taller than 6'1"

This basically devolved into an advert for wikipedia so i'll put my Steven Bauer man love to bed and show you that this is what i have to look forward to:

and i did a little Narrow Margin fan art

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