Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Resurrection Update

I havent been here in a while.  Mostly because of life getting in the way, but i took some quick pictures of sketches that i've been doing lately:

this isnt a sketch but certainly how i spent this past weekend other than watching the UFC fight, Superbowl and playing COD:BO

a rose i made in my coffee =)

some initial sketches for me, matt & greg for an idea that I may never decide to work on and practicing drawing matt's dogs, an integral part of the same project that i may never produce

head studies for a character named ashish & scott based on my friends named ashish & scott

my first attempt at a webcomic, starring me, scott and ashish, this will hopefully vault me toward producing the previously semi-enthuastically mentioned project

studies for an upcoming personal project involving my cat

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