Saturday, January 15, 2011

wow and one month later - Workout Sketchbook

I'm guessing weekly updates would be better than monthly?!

Well I hope anyone reading this is having a good New Year and had a nice holiday.  One of my art gifts was another 3.5 x 5" sketchbook and I decided to put it to use today, well yesterday as I am up sick writing this, I should be asleep) with an idea that I had thought of months ago:

An illustrated workout sketchbook for when my workouts, which have been very few and far between, become stale and stagnant.  I often come across different exercises in magazines when at the bookstore and i need to move away from art inspiration, turning to men's health.  Which has a lot of good suggested health ideas that i never incorporate into my daily living.

So as I come across some workout that I would not have thought of or remembered later that day, I'll sketch it in my book.

I'm hoping that this study will also serve the purpose to help me realize and visualize the figure artistically.

I lean towards drawing the female character so drawing some dudes could help me round out my skills as an illustrator.  I hope to present more creative ideas to you in the future, thanks for reading~!!

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