Friday, July 2, 2010

Making Artistic Improvements

On my half day I stopped into Borders to draw, came across an ad for the movie Bitten and really liked the image of some vampire woman with short heair ready to bite the neck of Jason Mewes (Jay from Kevin's Smith's movies)

I wasnt really happy with the sketch and started drawing all over it, the first thing I noticed was the eye, looked a bit off. a bit discouraged I decided to come back the next day to give it a bit more effort:
The first thing I did was use a bigger paper, then it became apparent that my first try was too childish aka child-like in that the eyes were set too lof on the head? or there wasnt enough hair to lengthen and mature the head, or space between the eyes, the illusion baffles me but something was wrong. The left eyes is positioned a little better but still not perfect and the nose was lengthened. Overall I just was determined to do a little better and i'm happy I gave it another go =)
Now to rent this trashy movie =)

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