Tuesday, August 31, 2010

untitled update 8/31/10

Well ArtWalk is over for this year. I had a good time meeting people and taking compliments on my art and i feel it's a big step for me. I'm not one to put myself out there and there are a ton of artists in the area that can do it better then me. It was important to take a step toward becoming an artist. I suppose I was already an artist but these events helped me be more professional and field questions about drawing and painting. Next year i'll hope to be a year better when i step back out onto that sidewalk if i'm asked back.

Went the Borders last night to art a little and wanna give a thank you to the couple that stopped over informed me of the artistic happening of the LValley and commented on this:

been working on her a while now off and on and i'm deciding to finish up this week so please stay tuned.

I've switched to charcoal for the background because it'll be a lot faster than gouging the paper back and forth with a 3B.

Charcoal was sitting in my drawer since my college art class days. I only took that one class in college but it was pretty good with exposing me to different mediums (media).

you may not notice but i fixed the nose a bit since my last scan of her and the eye will be worked a bit in the next one.

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